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Double Trap

We help shooter unlock this capability by providing the right guidance to shoot in the right direction with utmost precision.

Automatic Ball Trap

Automatic ball trap is a game that requires a lot of discipline and is one of our most popular shooting sport.

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We provide some of the best Guns and Cartridges to our shooters while ensuring all the safety measures are met.

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I am a shooting enthusiast and I wanted to learn about professional and disciplined shooting to help me gain more knowledge and grow to become one of the best shooter out there. Thanks to AC Shooting School I have the right people to train me and help me clear all my doubts.

Shooting Competition

We organise competitions every year to ensure that healthy spirit of shooting in everyone is maintained, which in turn helps in them growing as a shooter.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Every adult can take part in this shooting game where you can hit the laser clay pigeon to improve their aim.

Slow Motion Clay Shooting

Driven Target

Sporting Clays

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Beginner Tips for Shooting Clay Pigeon

Beginner Tips for Shooting Clay Pigeon

Shooting clay pigeon can be one daunting sport at first. There is this misconception that clay pigeon shooting an older men’s game and requires a lot of time to be a professional. It will not have space and time for newcomers, either young or old. However, it is not true. The clay pigeon shooting sports community want more people to join their experiences and stories. Also, it might be difficult for you to explore the game in the beginning. So we have provided you with 5 simple tips below which will help you to get the hang of the game.

Safety First

Safety First

Before everything else, you should know that you are entering a field of guns and targets. Safety is the most important part of any shooting sport. You are dealing with life and death in all shooting sports, and if you fail to show awareness of gun safety and a willingness to learn and follow the rules properly, people might not be very welcoming. Also, you must listen to the instructions of your instructor properly and obey his command. Your shotgun should never be loaded before you reach the platform. It should not be pointed at anything that you are not supposed to destroy, even if it is unloaded. Apart from gun safety,  make sure to wear adequate hearing protection and eye protection.

Determine Your Dominant Eye

Generally, a person will have a dominant eye, which will be helpful for the person to shoot with an eye closed. To test your dominant eye, point at something and without moving, close an eye. If your finger is no longer pointing at the target, the eye you closed is the dominant one or otherwise. You will need your dominant eye to be on the side you hold the trigger. If the dominant eye is not working for you during the shoots and you are missing the targets, the chances are that your eye is misaligned with the sites. Take the help of your instructor to rectify the problem.

Understand The Physics

Study how the clay pigeon travels, remember its path and understand its physics to break the clays. Your aim should be to get the shot and the clay on a path so that they converge in the air. This will take practice and skill until the time your instincts will start working.  Remember, if you are firing directly at the clay you will miss.

Do not get discouraged

There is no calculated number on how many times you will be missing your shots. If you are brand new to the sport, forget about hitting a double on the first day. This should not be a reason for you to get discouraged. Do not get embarrassed between professionals. Having fun should be your only motive while you are learning. Keep practising and make your game stronger every day.

Watch Carefully

The most important part of a sport is to observe the game.  Watch your instructors and other shooters carefully. Ask them for advice on the difficulties you face.  Pay attention to the flight of the clay and its path. Make an image of the path in your head.  Observe how the professionals prepare for their shoot and how they maintain safety and discipline. All of these factors will help you become a better clay pigeon shooter.

5 Tips On How To Become A Pro In Competition Shooting

5 Tips On How To Become A Pro In Competition Shooting

How do you define a pro? A “pro” or a “professional” should not just have the skill and presentation to conduct an activity. A real professional should be able to conduct himself or herself in a manner that suits the environment of their expertise. It requires awareness, knowledge and maturity to achieve real professionalism in any field and not just in competition shooting. Here are 5 tips which can help you to become a pro in competition shooting.

Perform Well

No matter what, the first and foremost thing is that you have the required skill set and advanced knowledge in competition shooting. Performance is the prerequisite for being a professional. You should know the basics of stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger press. You should have the urge to improve every day and focus on your game rather worrying about others getting better. Pushing the limits with a stable mind and practising long enough to reduce the probability of missing is the key to being a professional.

Perform Well

Experience The Competition

It is important to know your competition if you want to be a professional competition shooter. When you go for competitions, you should always strive to better your game even if it involved learning from your competitors. Do not hesitate from going to local competitions and failing. Learning has no end, and you can always find something new in every competition that you take part in. This will make you a better competitor, and by raising yourself slowly, you can have a better result in future than you expect sudden results from the competitions.

Present Yourself Well

A sport should consist of discipline and seriousness if the aim is to achieve professionalism. Sportsmanship should always be a priority. When it comes to being a professional, you need professional attire. Wearing a clean shirt, appropriate pants, and shoes that are reasonable for the sport will reflect your seriousness and will also provide the best performance.

Get Sponsors

Get Sponsors

Although it is not an onfield tip for being a professional sportsperson, it needs your attention to highlight your professionalism in the sport. When a company wants to sponsor you, it is not for free. They want profits if they tie-up with you for the sports sponsorship. If you become sponsored, they will be expecting visibility of their products in the field, which will come from reaching more competitions and excelling so you get noticed. Sponsorship will also give you a highlighted professional tag among the Competition Shooting

Aim to be a role model

A professional player should be the path leader for the young players for the game. A player becomes a role model only after getting accomplished and still keeps learning. Your medals and your sponsors will not represent your overall accomplishment. A professional player should not have to be the best player but the player who can become the face of the sport. It is not determined by the number of logos on your jersey. It requires practice and dedication to reach a professional level in any sport.

Shooting Champion

If you want to be the next shooting champion and looking for the right school, we are your solution.